Workshop Saturday Oct 15th

Essential practices for Women – Autumn Workshop Saturday Oct 15th 🎀 4pm-6pm

OPTIMISE your VITALITY & BEAUTY with this special Autumn workshop designed to help find optimal wellness for the BODY and FACE

From a Chinese Medicine perspective this season of Autumn is associated with the metal element. A time for focusing mentally & letting go and we nurture in particular the lung and large intestine meridien.

In this 2h session we will explore some simple yoga postures, breathing exercises, use massage & acupressure point therapy on the face & body, diet advice and a special guided meditation & relaxation.

A wonderul opportunity to support the ENERGETIC BODY and find release to SUSTAIN our BEAUTY & WELLNESS on the deepest most subtle level for RADIANCE, SUPPLENESS, STRENGTH and power of lightness for the coming Autumn months.

Workshop 35€
A Replay will be sent out

You will need a mat & lge cushion / bolster
Any vegetal oil for massage & a candle

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