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Practices to access our inner world as we gradually move back out into our Big Beautiful World. Like a bear coming out of hibernation we are all eager to share a hug, smile and warm embrace. Our mammalian nature means we crave connection, hand in hand, heart to heart and face to face. Remembering not to get too caught up in that heart energy it can get confusing, or mind energy it costs too much (rides du front;) but that SOUL though is always there free and clear.

New : I have a new lunchtime class Thursdays 12h30 OUTDOORS.  A 50 minutes core flow, energetic (gainage) ; all level.


— Schedule —

Tues 19h evening flow online

Weds Free Meditation 7h45  15/20 mins online

Thurs 12h30 Lunch time fix OUTDOORS (45 mins core) 15€ pls confirm

Sat 10h30 OUTDOORS strong flow pls confirm

Sat 17h Face Yoga online : this weekend is counteracting the effects of peri-menopause & menopause. Prevention, tonification, lifting & decongestion.

Sun 11h Face Yoga online

Sun 17h45 Sunday evening flow (start your week clear & grounded)


See you !

Pls note I teach until end of July 30th

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