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Hi Yogis, Now that September is rolling in, we find ourselves bang in the middle of things coming from 8 different directions ! This is a good time to embody one of the principles of our practice – non-rejecting and non-clinging.  Meaning to ‘not loose the rag’, or derailing & also at the same time not shutting down on the moment, insisting that it be a certain way even if the house is a maybe a little messy, the kids are complaining, and you lose your WiFi signal all at once.

Just “be in the flow of it all.” Which requires patience, presence, and persistence. If we react with distress, the volacity only increases. You may not appreciate all that is arising.  Just welcome the messiness, the not so ideal, the being off-balance as part an awareness.


Leaving yourself space to accommodate the moment however it arises, good, bad, or ugly. can we be in the midst of whatever may arise ? acknowledging that it is here and now, knowing it won’t last forever.


*** SCHEDULE ***

Wednesday – 12h30 – OUTDOOR (exceptionally instead of Thursday as its Back to school)

Saturday – 10h30 – OUTDOOR Back in our Flow this Saturday, places limited

Sunday – 11h – Face Yoga Anti-aging  (6 week anti-aging focus beginning) for more info dmp online

Sunday – 17h45 – Flow du Dimanche – Deep replenishment & wellness online


Can’t make online class ? it will be recorded & available for 3 days following. 




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