Notre flow s’ouvre aux Kleshas

Hello Yogis,

This week we begin to incorporate the slightly deeper philosophical aspects to our yoga Practice through the Kleshas. The kleshas can be described as seeds to deep rooted psy/emotional suffering. According to Patanjali’s yoga sutras  understanding these 5 obstacles helps us address the very human experience of fear in all its forms. we fear not knowing, we fear not understanding who we are, we fear losing all that is good in our lives and being afflicted with bad stuff, we fear new beginnings and we fear the end.

Many of these fears are deeply programmed, often influencing us without our awareness. Each week we will work through a Klesha (5min meditation, Vinyasa Flow & Relaxation) to understand where they come up in our lives, recognise how and how to deal.

Please note we are working this at surface very digestable level. I worked on the kleshas already during some of my classes & you will recognise some maybe. Only in my weekend classes for coming 5 weeks (Sunday class available on Replay if you can’t make it on time).

*** SCHEDULE ***

Thursday – 12h30 – OUTDOOR 50 mins fix

Saturday – 10h30 – OUTDOOR Back in our Flow this Saturday, places limited

Sunday – 11h – Face Yoga Anti-aging  (6 week anti-aging focus beginning) for more info dmp online

Sunday – 17h45 – Flow du Dimanche – Deep replenishment & wellness online (Replay available)




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