Moving in Body, Breath, Spirit as Navarati begins

Hi Yogis

We have just entered the period of  Navaratri, the 9 night festival of Goddess Durga in her many forms. So, we’re in a particularly powerful time for celebrating the divine feminine. Durga is the warrior mother of Indian mythology, a Goddess who for centuries has been invoked for protection in times of crisis and turmoil. One of her gifts is strength– the deep strength that lets us stand for Truth and love in the face of all our challenges, personal and collective. If you’d like to honor her, you might want to chant her simple invocational mantra: Om dum durgaye namaha, 
I leave on holiday soon but Thursday evening will be an opportunity for a complete Level 2 workout & flow 19h via zoom.
Public Classes this week : 
Prenatal 11h Wednesday – 20€ / or forfait available 
Thursday 19h – Zoom Level 2 – 12 euros
& then next class will be Sunday Nov 1st, 17h45 Zoom
Yoga outdoors resumes Nov 8th
Love & Namaste

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