Homework for you this Thanksgiving

Hello Yogis,

I have put together an short exercise below on receiving and giving for those interested in connecting with one of the fundamental basics of the practice and you will recognise some of these questions from my classes. Find yourself a half an hour over the coming days, find a quiet space, and take some time to write down about giving and receiving.



  1.  Receiving

    Ask yourself, “What would I like to receive more of now?” Consider all the areas of your life, including:
    • money and material wealth
    • love
    • acknowledgment or praise
    • spiritual experience
    • success in your career
    • the ability to have children
    • beauty
    • fun
    • health
    • fame
    Write down your answers in your journal. If there are specific people from whom you would like to receive these thing, list them as well.

    2. Exploring the gifts you would like to receive.

    From the preceding list, choose the three most important gifts you would like to receive in your life now. For each of these gifts, answer the following questions.
    • Why do I want this?
    • How would I benefit from it?
    • How would others or the world benefit from it?
    • In what ways am I blocking myself from receiving more in this area of my life?


3. Giving

Now consider the gifts that you, yourself, have to share. How can you offer a gift as an exchange for what you want to receive? One way to do this is to literally or symbolically help someone else to receive the very gift you desire. Think of how you might make this kind of offering, and then write about what that might look and feel like.

Close your eyes, and imagine yourself blessing this other person with the gift you want for yourself. What would that look like? Be as extravagant as you can. In case you have a hard time imagining the specifics, imagine yourself offering this person the experience of being totally happy, satisfied, and fulfilled. Then, imagine this person feeling totally happy, satisfied, and fulfilled.

Once you’ve finished writing, ask yourself, “What physical or symbolic action could I take to turn this desire to give something into an actual offering?” Then, when you’re ready, take the action. It can be something very small— making a little contribution to charity, calling someone who would like to hear your voice.

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